Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i love my husband

I am getting used to this husband thing, I love having one! I love having the one I have, I made a GREAT choice. It has almost been a year now and it is so much fun. He is my best friend! When we were new dating he would call me his best friend and I couldn't say it back. I could tell him I loved him after a month, but couldn't call him my best friend for many months. I had too many wonderful friends, I didn't want to pick just one and what abandon all of the others?...we'll now I have chosen. I still have those wonderful friends, (I am so blessed in the friends department) but James is the one.

We came home from the Olympics late Valentine's Eve and his brother and sister-in-law set up a V-day surprise! He was in charge of this holiday, I got the next one -OUR ANNIVERSARY (we are going to rotate every year). He was a little nervous about it, but did AWESOME. He could do the same thing every time and it would be perfect.

I got the best massage of my life

There he is, my dream come true

So romantic, he had candles everywhere

I had a bad day last week and came home to a sweet surprise, he knows me so well...
and he takes me on dates, even when I kind of didn't want to go (it was a hard day for us and I just wanted to stay home) P.S. I loved Avatar!


  1. yay glad to hear you went to avatar!
    and love hearing about the love of your life!

  2. Man, I have been married too long. How romantic! And, so happy for you!

  3. wait, did you not come with us to avatar? oh i guess not. im glad you liked it.


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