Thursday, March 25, 2010

cupcakes take one

For our anniversary I wanted to surprise James and make the cupcakes from our wedding, using the EXACT recipe. He was doing homework in the office so he wouldn't even know I was making them, I was even going to hide them downstairs for the party the next night. I was hoping the finish product would look something like this (but the chocolate cheesecake ones with vanilla frosting and no Q flags):

But instead when I looked in the oven I saw this:

...a cupcake explosion! Augh! I let out some kind of scream and James came running to my rescue. I had to tell him about the surprise and how they were ruined.

I was really quite bummed about it.

James didn't care, he loved the surprise. He was very cute about it. The boys ate cupcakes for breakfast!
P.S. I would consider myself a good cook, but I really don't bake all that much and this was a new recipe. Now I know, I filled them too full.
(and for the record they were still delicious)


  1. oh my heck SEND ME SOME CUPCAKES!!
    man oh man i probably had like 12 of those that weekend. and they were GOOD.

  2. hahaha ya we ate TONS.
    i want one, you ARE saving me one in the freezer RIGHT??


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