Saturday, May 14, 2011

mother's day

I love being a mom, I knew I would. I've been a mother all my life, I was called "mini-mom" when I was younger cause I loved the babies (I always holding other people's babies). I am blessed that I get to be a step-mom, I love that. It isn't much different than being a "real" mom, the boys just aren't here all of the time, so it's kind of like I'm a part-time-mom. I am so happy that I get to be Xander's mommy, what a treat. He is so amazing, I just love the little guy.

Smiley Xander, look how round his face is getting!

Thanks for making me a full-time-mom!

Mother's Day 2011 was perfect. I wasn't feeling well so we stayed home from Church. It was a lazy day with the first part spent in bed, sleeping, eating (James made me a delicious breakfast!), feeding the baby and kissing him and the daddy. I have such a great husband, he helps me be such a good mom! In the afternoon we called James' Mom on the way to see my own. We went a little early to my parents so my mom could play with Xander, they even took a short nap together. All of the husbands made dinner: ham, amazing potatoes, salad and brussel sprouts. Dad even made gluten-free cookies for dessert. All of the husbands also bought the moms a gift certificate at this Chinese foot massage place! What an exciting surprise. James and I took a walk with Xander and the girls. Everyone passed around the babies, it's so fun to hold Henry, he's just so tiny and sweet. I loved mother's day and can't wait for next year!

Leah helped James, these 2 are such good buddies

on our walk, mostly Xander was pushed in his stroller but at the end he got to ride with the big kids

Thursday, May 12, 2011

can't sleep

I can't sleep. Don't really know why, it's pretty annoying though. James is asleep, Xander is asleep (and will want me to be awake with him in just a few hours). I should definitely be asleep. But since I can't sleep I decided to have some fun with my honey. James is a pretty solid sleeper, but from time to time he talks in his sleep and ask try to converse with him and ask questions to try to get him to tell mw more. Tonight is the first time I just started asking him random questions while he was asleep, I might have to try it more in the future. Good times. It makes being the only one awake in the house almost worth it.

A: What are you doing?
J: Just watching the sunset
A: Who you watching it with?
J: Myself

A: What are you doing now?
J: Waiting
A: Waiting for what?
J: (Shrugs shoulders) the trophy truck to come by
A: The trophy truck, huh? What does the trophy truck have?
J: Trophies. Duh!
A: (laughs) that was a dumb question I guess

A: What you chewing on?
J: A piece of plastic
A: A piece of plastic? Why are you chewing on a piece of plastic?
J: Cause it was in my mouth
A: Why don’t you chew on something else?
J: It’s not in my mouth

A: I love you sweetie. Do you love me?
J: Yes
A: What do you love about me?
J: Your wridheh fitd inthe wat r
A: What?
J: Your wrists fit in the water
A: Wow, I’m glad they do, that’s a good thing

Love you sweetheart!

Friday, May 6, 2011

4 months old

We love our very smiley 4 month old Xander. He is so much fun, we are so grateful he came to our family. He is growing and doing very well, the Dr. was extremely pleased. He weighs 13 lbs. 8.5 oz now (well, last week at his check up) and is 24 1/2 inches long. He is still a little on the smaller side, 25-50th percentile.

He is super easy going, he wakes up crying or at least fussing in the morning around 7am, after he eats he is in such a great mood. About an hour later he is ready for a long nap in the swing. He sleeps for close to 3 hours, wakes up fussy, eats and plays for a couple hours. This cycle continues for the rest of the day although his longest nap is the morning one. He only gets fussy when he's hungry, if we're feeding him and take his milk away to burp him he gets MAD at us, but it's kind of funny.

Still has poop explosions, but I don't feel there is much to do about that. We just always make sure to have a change of clothes for him. He also still spits up A LOT, I can't wait until that decreases. Even though he smiles all of the time he still barely laughs. Sometimes I can get some good giggles from him, but most of the time when we tickle him he acts like we're hurting him. He loves other kids, his brothers and cousins. He definitely knows that we are his mom and dad and that makes us so HAPPY! He is nursing better, although it seems like I don't always have enough milk for him, but no big deal I just make him a bottle and he gladly eats that.

The big news this month is that Xander's best little cousin was born on May 2nd. Welcome Henry Lewis Nyland! We are so excited he is finally here, it will be so fun to watch these 2 little ones grow up together. I love that we get to live so close to a lot of our family, we feel so blessed.