Thursday, May 12, 2011

can't sleep

I can't sleep. Don't really know why, it's pretty annoying though. James is asleep, Xander is asleep (and will want me to be awake with him in just a few hours). I should definitely be asleep. But since I can't sleep I decided to have some fun with my honey. James is a pretty solid sleeper, but from time to time he talks in his sleep and ask try to converse with him and ask questions to try to get him to tell mw more. Tonight is the first time I just started asking him random questions while he was asleep, I might have to try it more in the future. Good times. It makes being the only one awake in the house almost worth it.

A: What are you doing?
J: Just watching the sunset
A: Who you watching it with?
J: Myself

A: What are you doing now?
J: Waiting
A: Waiting for what?
J: (Shrugs shoulders) the trophy truck to come by
A: The trophy truck, huh? What does the trophy truck have?
J: Trophies. Duh!
A: (laughs) that was a dumb question I guess

A: What you chewing on?
J: A piece of plastic
A: A piece of plastic? Why are you chewing on a piece of plastic?
J: Cause it was in my mouth
A: Why don’t you chew on something else?
J: It’s not in my mouth

A: I love you sweetie. Do you love me?
J: Yes
A: What do you love about me?
J: Your wridheh fitd inthe wat r
A: What?
J: Your wrists fit in the water
A: Wow, I’m glad they do, that’s a good thing

Love you sweetheart!


  1. this is so so so funny. i showed jachen. he laughed to. so great, blog these anytime!!

  2. hilarious. and dang, you and your weird sleeping problems.

  3. Hahaha! When I was in college, my roommates informed me that I laughed in my sleep .... A LOT. They would ask me what was so funny and I gave the most ridiculous responses. I wish we could record dreams.


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