Monday, March 21, 2011


After weeks of Xander just staring at us we finally got some smiles:

smiling at Dad

Wow! And his smiles make it all worth it. Xander's smiles are DARLING, they brighten our home. We are so happy to have the little man in our family.

2 years

2 years ago today we were married. It feels longer, not in a bad way, but it feels like we've always been together sort of way. Lindsay asked me if it's been what I thought it would be like and my answer is that it has been better. Cheese. There was the initial getting used to living with someone and learning how to be a partner, but those really weren't even hard lessons to learn. Being married is different than being single, obviously. I love this not-so-new life of mine. I picked a fabulous person to be married to. James is perfect for me! He is very patient and gentle with me and my weaknesses. He is humble with his own. He teaches me daily about serving, loving and becoming a better person. He is the best cheerleader a girl can have. Having a happy, successful marriage is extremely important to him and he is willing to do what it takes, even the hard stuff. Before I was married I worried some about being a good wife, I knew a little about being a mom, but as for a wife that was super new to me. I am proud to say that I am a great wife, it suits me. Being married to James is one thing I know for sure I was meant to do in this life. It is my passion. I love to make him happy and love to be on the receiving end of his love. Life is wonderful. I am so blessed.