Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 things i love about james today

1. He thinks I look pretty (hot even!) pregnant and tells me all of the time. And he takes such good care of me.

2. He is good at his calling and gives his all to our Ward, he makes personal sacrifices to do so.

3. He is the best dad and uncle around. Honestly, he is amazing. I can't wait for our new baby to have HIM for his daddy!

october (in reverse order)

October is one of my favorite months...the leaves were beautiful down our street this month, I turned 35 years old, we had 3 weekends with the boys and started eating pumpkin goodies again. What's not to love about October?
Pirates again this year

Dad and I hosted a mystery dinner...

everyone had to make selections and didn't know what they would be eating

Leah was pretty happy with her Halloween dinner

It wasn't too crazy, but everyone had fun. It was an easy way to do something different for the holiday and Sunday dinner

Carving pumpkins (our friend Summer is on the right, she is from China. This was her first time carving a pumpkin. She has only been in America for a few months)


Mom joined me at the Pumpkin Push this year, we walked 2 miles together

The Nylands ran the 5k, can't wait for Xander to join me next year!

The 2nd week of the month we went to The Farm in Snohomish to get pumpkins (and take pictures). The Farm was extremely crowded this year, but it didn't even matter because the weather was AMAZING! I love this little tradition we have every year.

All of the "Farrars"
This is Clara per usual

The gang (miss you Wrights)

Playing in the corn maze

Emily and I (notice the people behind us, it has never been like that before)

We stayed home on Saturday for General Conference. During the Priesthood session the boys and I went to a little pizza party at the park with women and children in the ward, it was super fun. Sunday we went to my parents' house for the day. We ate lots, played conference games and listened to a prophet's voice.

A couple months before Conference Aidan asked me when "Bingo Sunday" was. At first I didn't know what he was talking about, then figured it out...we play bingo at Conference. Funny.

Silly bands

Miss Clara

This is what it looks like at the Farrars on Bingo Sunday

Lovin' on Uncle Rob