Saturday, May 14, 2011

mother's day

I love being a mom, I knew I would. I've been a mother all my life, I was called "mini-mom" when I was younger cause I loved the babies (I always holding other people's babies). I am blessed that I get to be a step-mom, I love that. It isn't much different than being a "real" mom, the boys just aren't here all of the time, so it's kind of like I'm a part-time-mom. I am so happy that I get to be Xander's mommy, what a treat. He is so amazing, I just love the little guy.

Smiley Xander, look how round his face is getting!

Thanks for making me a full-time-mom!

Mother's Day 2011 was perfect. I wasn't feeling well so we stayed home from Church. It was a lazy day with the first part spent in bed, sleeping, eating (James made me a delicious breakfast!), feeding the baby and kissing him and the daddy. I have such a great husband, he helps me be such a good mom! In the afternoon we called James' Mom on the way to see my own. We went a little early to my parents so my mom could play with Xander, they even took a short nap together. All of the husbands made dinner: ham, amazing potatoes, salad and brussel sprouts. Dad even made gluten-free cookies for dessert. All of the husbands also bought the moms a gift certificate at this Chinese foot massage place! What an exciting surprise. James and I took a walk with Xander and the girls. Everyone passed around the babies, it's so fun to hold Henry, he's just so tiny and sweet. I loved mother's day and can't wait for next year!

Leah helped James, these 2 are such good buddies

on our walk, mostly Xander was pushed in his stroller but at the end he got to ride with the big kids


  1. Your baby is adorable! I can remember everyone thinking you were the best babysitter. I bet you are a fabulous mother! Happy Mothers day. . a little late!

  2. hi! I just found you from Ashley. Beautiful photos on your header. I can't believe how adorable Xander is. Just a handsome little dude.


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