Thursday, June 23, 2011

a few pictures of us

The little man wore his swim trunks for the first time- he loves the hot tub

He can now role from back to stomach and get his arms out from under him

He always finds his "star lollipop" when he plays in his exersaucer

Aidan is now a BIG first grader!

The little Manager


  1. SO cute. thanks for posting more/again.

  2. you've probably heard this at the baby class - but I thought it was good advice - that once a baby can roll himself over, swaddling at night in one of the velcro swaddlers (like we use) can be dangerous because he could have the core strength to roll onto his stomach, but his hands aren't free to roll back again.

  3. i miss that baby!! love him in those swim trunks.


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