Thursday, March 25, 2010

a night at the skate deck

A couple of weeks ago was Andy Shaw's birthday. He loves roller skating, so we skated! Boy did we! It was really fun and great to be with the Shaws, we love them.

The birthday boy

James' first time on skates since he was a kid/youth, we look good

Andy can skate backwards so he took some pictures of us

Happy Andy's Birthday/St. Patrick's Day

The Shaw Family

2/3 of the PARTY (one day we will get the other ones out there with us!)


  1. you look extra skinny in the shots!

  2. i have a DISTINCT memory of going ice skating when i came down to visit you when i was 14 and you said you do NOT go skating. but i'm glad you've changed your ways.

    and ya, you look hot in those pictures.


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