Tuesday, April 5, 2011

we have a 3 month old

3 months old

smiling at Grandma Karen

big brother Aidan picked out his outfit

I knew it would go by fast, but this is ridiculous. Time has sped up and I'm not sure if I like it. But, I do love having a 3 month old. I love when Xander was brand new, he was so little and precious and fell asleep on me every time I held him...but, it was a lot of work. These days life are still hard at times, but I think we are getting the hang of things. I felt that by 12 weeks we finally getting a hang of it (I didn't expect it to take that long). I feel so blessed for every day and I try to cherish these times because he is growing up so fast.

Here is what our 3 month old is up to:

  • Xander sleeps at least 8 hours at night and numerous 1-3 hour naps through the day

  • He is pretty good at nursing, it has been a LONG, hard road, but he is a trooper and each day we (both) get better at it

  • He loves to suck on his fingers, fists, arms, anything he can find

  • He takes naps in the swing (but our blessed swing broke and this week his nap time have struggled a bit)

  • He falls to sleep for the night on his own, I think it's smart how he knows it's night and time for a longer sleep (he might be a genius!)

  • He has thrush, and has for months, we can't get rid of it

  • He has a darling dimple on his left cheek, his smile is too die for, sometimes when he smiles he even does this cute shy look where he puts his head down

  • He knows his brothers and loves the attention he gets from them, they adore him

  • Xander-mander has to wear a swaddle in his car seat or he'll cry the whole time, very occasionally he can go a short distance without freaking out, he also wears the swaddle to sleep

  • He has a pretty consistent eat, play, sleep daily routine

  • He takes a bottle and always has, but that allows us to have a babysitter every week and that is AMAZING (we love our date night)

  • Now the gross stuff, he spits up a lot and it's nasty and he only poops every couple days and it is usually a big deal and requires all that he is wearing to soak in the sink

  • Xander spends his day getting loved, kissed, and adored...we all love this special little guy


  1. Liz loved being swaddled too!!!! He is soooo cute I can't wait to see him this summer!!!

  2. can't wait to see his smile, just a few more days! i'll hold him the wholeee time for you.

  3. Aw, he's SOOOO CUTE! Can't wait to meet him!

  4. wow he is so big

  5. Baby Andrew and I had thrush! No no fun. I used Gentian Violet first, but when it came back the doctor gave both me and him a prescription for Diflucan or Flucanzole (I think that's how it's spelled), as well as Nystatin cream just for me and it worked wonders.

    Hang in there, I can tell you that nursing gets so so much better. My favorite thing is cuddling a baby that's learning to crawl or even walk, but still needs mama.

  6. Reese had thrush for.ev.er! too. In her mouth. We used gentian violet (purple stuff you paint on their mouths that you get in the herbal/vitamin section of a pharmacy usually). We had to use that faithfully for a few days and boil her binkies and toys, and sanitize all the non-boilable things for a few days. That was how we finally got rid of it. It is hard since they suck on everything and therefore spread the thrush germs to everything that will re-infect their mouths when they suck on it again. Good luck with that!


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