Sunday, April 10, 2011

from Greyson

The last couple of months have been super exciting and fun! We had a new person from heaven come and be a family member to us. His name is Xander G. Quigley. He's so cute and I am so happy to help him and be his older brother!

Although he does spit up alot--sometimes all over his face.

Also all the holidays have been awesome! Spring break has been exciting! We had to choose our favorite meal that we would make on different days of the week. (Mine is Shrimp alfredo!)

On Friday we had a big party with my friends and made pizzas',we played games and one of them was hide and go seek in the dark!

All in all I think/know that these have been some pretty exciting months!


  1. that throw up on the face picture? that cannot be real. oh my gosh. and how precious is this note from grey. goodness he is a dear.

  2. It's real...all by himself...Alicia and I were busting up laughing as we ran for the camera.


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