Sunday, April 10, 2011

a name and a blessing

The last week of March Xander was blessed in our ward by James. He was given the name Alexander Gordon Quigley. I was reading back in my journal the other day and in September I had written that we liked that name. I can't remember at all how we came up with Xander, maybe I heard it somewhere (I use to text James' names whenever I heard them at gymnastics or swim lessons of the kids I nannied, in books, or at the grocery store). We thought Xander was cool and James likes that the name is long enough that when Xander's old enough if he wants to go by Alex or even Alexander he can (I hope that he'll always be called Xander!). When we found our we were pregnant I told James if our baby was a boy I wanted his middle name to be Gordon. All of the boys in our family have family names that are also prophet names and the name Gordon fit: after of course President Gordon B. Hinkley and it's also my dad's middle name.
Bruce Gordon and Alexander Gordon (one day old)

our beloved Prophet (he feels like a grandfather to us)
one of the all time best pictures of little Xander

outfit: Dressed in White booties: made by Janean Carter


  1. Oh - He is adorable! I really like his name, meaningful and very masculine. I hope to meet him someday.


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