Friday, February 19, 2010

our olympic date

A few years back James wrote a bucket list, things he wants to do before he dies. When we were dating he showed me the list, we even did a couple things together (like attend General Conference). With the Olympics just less than 3 hours away it seemed like the perfect time to cross that one off the bucket list.

We went up for the day, we left around 9:30am and got home around 11pm. It was an amazing SUPER date! I am so glad that James persisted about going and drove both ways (I love him more for that one, I'm not a great long distance/night driver)

He was so happy to be there!

You are going to see a lot of pictures like these!

We ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, Steamrollers

So happy to be eating delicious burritos

Amidst the Olympic crowd

Proof we were there

The total schmucks that we bought our tickets from, I made them take a picture and I told them
I would hunt them down and fight them if they sold us fake tickets

Good thing the tickets were awesome!!!

Women's hockey

We sat next to #7's family, they were great

Go Canada!

I told you we had awesome seats, this is right by where we sat

Canada win 18-0

My little camera did such a good job on this one

Time to leave the Olympics

We got a little lost leaving Canada but found this awesome HUGE sign my the airport

We really had such a great trip, even better than our pictures show. We love our life, so blessed.


  1. who are those random men and why are there such huge spaces in between photos?

  2. Cool! I still regret not doing anything Olympic in Salt Lake. But I was 17, and so naive.

  3. love it alicia! good job getting the pictures in order!! :)
    such a fun trip!

  4. oh. and i forgot to mention i love the pictures. looks like fun and i am glad that james could cross this off his list. i need to make a bucket list. i have one in my head but i need to write it down.


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