Monday, February 8, 2010

early to rise

in bed at 9:02pm last night, a record for us (this is really how we sleep, well the eye mask part at least)

James and I make weekly goals. Sunday, at our family meeting, James suggested we wake up early together this week to jump start our day. This includes a morning walk (not a workout, after we walked 2 miles this morning we redefined it), scripture reading in the living room (not the usual in bed with only one eye open) and taking a nap if needed in the afternoon. The result of this will hopefully be: earlier to bed in order to wake up at 6am or 5am on Seminary days, and ideally more productive all day long. Lots of people do this, why can't the Quigleys?

What weekly goals do you have? Maybe we want to borrow some of your great ideas.


  1. Umm, my best weekly goals are probably not as good as your worst. All I really ever want is to be on time! Someday.... :)

  2. I made a goal recently to watch less TV and craft instead...I've been doing pretty good. Check out my blog!


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