Friday, January 15, 2010

the carousel

A Farrar family tradition we have had for years (even though we skip every now and then) is riding the Christmas Carousel in downtown Seattle. This year was the first with the Quigleys joining us and we even went for the first time after Christmas, which I think I like better. Thanks Weeks Family for coming with us, maybe next year it's time to get a BIG group together again.
The very first picture James ever saw of me, which caused him to contact and eventually marry me, was taken right about at this very spot. It was fun to take a picture together there this year!

I love my family


Monica and Dad

James is a hardcore jockey

Greyson is pretty intense too- those Quigley boys, love them

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  1. DANG i miss doing that with you!
    i mean didn't it used to be a farmer farrar tradition? or is that just in my head. cuz i sure remember doing that with you.


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