Sunday, January 10, 2010

boeuf bourguignon

For our date this week we stayed home and made a new recipe together (one of our favorite ideas for date night, haven't done it for a little while). We watched Julie and Julia a couple weeks ago. We liked the movie, but really wanted to eat the food. I found a lighter version of boeuf bourguignon and we made it last night! It was so good. I keep thinking about it. The only draw back is that it takes so long to cook (over an hour and a half), but we kept ourselves busy...we played jenga and sat by the fire.

Since we don't have a corkscrew James had to MacGyver it open

So, it's basically stew, but even better thanks to the red wine and mushrooms (two of my favorites)

the only pearls I own, pink and from the dress up box (Julia would still approve)

even brought out the crystal goblets

before James licked his plate clean


  1. Oh share the recipe! I gotta try this out! It looks & sounds AMAZING!

  2. I just watched that movie and thought the same thing, that it would be fun to make, if only just because the name is so cool to say!

    And I'm still on the waiting list at the library for the cookbook, so yes, please share the recipe!

  3. Alicia, hate to admit it but saw the movie, drooled at all the food, and hate mushrooms with a burning passion but cook with red wine all the time. Can I still be in your club?

  4. Olivia and Heidi: I will post the recipe, I have to figure our how to do that. Maybe my copier is also a scanner.

    Aunt Susanne: Welcome to the club!!! That's fun that you read our blog. Come up again and visit, this time no big party though :( But, we can still have fun.


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