Monday, October 27, 2014

Princess Stories

Sometimes I make up stories to tell my princess...this is James.

The Queen's 3 spells or how Pink became Popular

Once upon a time, a young princess lived in a white glitter castle atop the highest mountain in the realm. The princess just loved the color pink. Her dresses were pink, her lips were pink, and her her tower was pink. Even her eyes were pink, for you see, she was an albino princess.

One day her mother called her into her dressing room and dismissed all the servants. This usually happened before the princess was going to get a consequence, but today the queen swooped down and picked her up in a big hug and whispered in her ear: 

"It is time you started learning the magical power that comes with being a will be your first lesson!"

The princess' mommy clapped her hands and a magical door opened behind the mirror.  Together they stepped into her mother's special magic room where every morning, the queen got ready for the day and practiced her magic. Inside the queen looked more alive than ever...she beamed at her daughter. and the room seemed to visibly brighten. 

"Your first spell is this" the queen said and she smiled so big that the princess could hardly help herself. The Princess found herself also smiling in her mother's brightening room and as she smiled the room seemed to glow a little pink.

"Very good!" said the princess' mommy--this spell you can use whenever you want!

The princess wandered down the streets later that afternoon practicing her smile and even dared to go down the darker streets that made her uncomfortable. She looked at the scary parts and cast her happy spell and although nothing outside seemed to change, she was calmer and not quite so scared. 

The next day, the princess told her mommy all about the way the spell worked both on other people and on herself. The queen was delighted and whispered to the princess: 

"You are ready for your second Lesson!"  

As they were talking, a servant entered the room with a tray full of lunch and big glass pitcher of sparkling pink lemonade. 

"Why thank you!" said the Queen "you may set them right over by the win..."

But as the queen was speaking the servant tripped and sent the food flying! The lemonade launched in slow-motion out of the spinning glass pitcher and before anyone could blink, the pitcher shattered on the floor! Pink lemonade stained the carpet, the bedspread, and the queen's new dress. It was even in her hair! The food was ruined. The carpet was ruined, the queen's perfect hair was a matted pink mop. The poor servant looked up from the floor in frozen shock, his mouth wide. 

The queen went straight to the servant. "Are you hurt?" 

She reached down to help the servant up. 

"No your majesty, I am so sorry!" 

But the queen smiled and began picking up the glass shards of the pitcher 

"It could happen to anyone!" she said and used her first spell to perfection. The servant kept insisting that he would pick up the pieces and return quickly with a new lunch, but when the Queen was finished they were laughing together about the accident. As the servant left, the queen turned to her daughter and the princess knew: The second spell was kindness.

She left after lunch to go find her brother, but he was playing soccer with his friends. 

"You can't play!" they said "You're a girl!" 

The prince had obviously not yet learned any magic. The boys said some more mean things so the princess decided to just watch. Half way into the game, the prince's best friend kicked the ball and it sailed over the hedge and into the window of the princess' pink tower! All the boys stopped and looked at the small albino princess. 

"Don't worry! She said "I'll go get your ball and be back before you're water break is over!" When she arrived with the ball, the boys were amazed. 

"Why are you so nice after we wouldn't let you play?" 

"You weren't trying to be mean" said the Princess "It was just a misunderstanding--it could happen to anyone!" 

With that, the prince and his friends determined that the rules would be changed to allow princesses to play...and she did.

Early the next morning, her mother awoke her before the sun was up.

"Get on your riding clothes, Sweetheart. We're going to the dark forest." 

The princess was nervous, but as she hopped on the white stallion behind her mother, she felt safe and warm. She could smell the vanilla in her mother's hair and feel her graceful back relaxed and in command. The trees got closer together and the road turned into a trail. The branches thickened and she sun faded behind the rich canopy. before long not even the breeze could be felt and the princess had to smile her brightest smile to fend off the gloom. 

"Pink and green go well together" said her mother reassuringly. 

The horse stopped at the edge of a clearing and in the middle was a small stone cottage. At the door stood a wrinkled old woman, glaring at the princess. The cottage had a guard-dog tethered to the porch. The dog let out a low growl and strained at his rope. 

"A little young for this lesson, don't you think?" said the old woman. 

"I think you're being too easy on her" said the queen with a smile. 

"You can't come in, Princess!" said the bent woman at the cottage door, but the princess dismounted and cast her most radiant smile. "I haven't seen one like that since your mother first came." the old eyes twinkled and the cottage door cracked open with a creak. "Very well, said the crone, but do so at your own risk!" she glanced slyly at the snarling dog. 

The princess didn't know what to do and looked up at her mother. The queen dismounted and smiled at the princess. The princess would have to do it on her own. 

She walked closer to the dog and saw him gnashing his frothy mouth at her. The rope held him back, biting into his neck. The princess approached and held her smile. she spoke kind words to the animal and came right up to him. Gently, she held her hand to his fur and eased him back towards the door. When there was enough slack, the princess reached for the rope and loosened the collar to set the dog free.  Determining that the princess was a friend, the snarling stopped and the dog licked the princess with a pink tongue. The princess stepped into the cottage. 

Inside was a single fire in the middle of the room and a boiling black cauldron.
"Look into the cauldron" said the old lady and the princess did. 

Inside the water, the princess saw a beautiful version of herself, all grown and powerful. She looked very much like her mother, regal and bright but with her own kind of glow. It was definitely her older self. 
Her mother joined them in the cottage and explained "This is you before you came to us, and after you are old and die, this will be you again." 

The princess didn't quite understand, but as the old lady drew nearer, she saw another reflection in the cauldron of a beautiful woman, strong and quick, with twinkling eyes--the younger version of the old woman, and yet the same person. 

"In the cauldren is your true self" said the Queen "And all of us are very much alike." 

As the princess grew she remembered the third lesson--the lesson of not only who she was, but the lesson of who all people are--she often would see old, crippled, or hurting people who had been disfigured or mis-shapen by life, but always, she remembered the cauldren and saw them for who they truly were. It made her other magic unstoppable and as she practiced she became beloved by all and a force of the most potent good. Before long many little girls wanted to become princesses and despite all the girls having different colored eyes, the favorite color for all the girls in the kingdom was almost always pink.

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