Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2.5 weeks old

Our little X-man...he is doing great. We all are wonderful, we are pretty adjusted to our new life together. Sleeping has never been one of my talents so luckily I can survive on little. James and I share nighttime feeding in order for us each to get 4-5 hours in a row (I have such an amazing partner, but I'll share more about Xander's daddy another time). Here are some fun facts about our little 2 wk. old:
  • He eats about every 3 hours. And therefore gained his birth weight before one week old. He is a little over 7lbs. now...he's getting so big.
  • He is a champion pee-er and poop-er. TMI, but it's true, like it's his job. He doesn't usually pee when we change him, he's too busy screaming at us. He does not like getting his diaper changed.
  • He loves baths with his dad. He relaxes and floats around with James holding onto him. He loves the water on his face.
  • He takes a binky, but he prefers his hands. He's getting good at putting them in his mouth, but I don't think he'll be a finger sucker for real. He just likes to find them and suck on them for a few seconds at a time.
  • He sleeps a lot. He sleeps anywhere: at night in his cradle next to our bed, in the swing, in his car seat, in our arms and his favorite on our chests (which is our favorite too). Most of the time it is hard to wake him up to eat so we change his diaper to get him mad at us. That works sometimes.
  • He is pretty congested right now, especially at night. He seems uncomfortable, I hate it. I don't like my little guy being sad. It makes me sad.
  • Xander pretty much has a sweet life, even if he doesn't know it yet (although I think he knows). We love him SO much and feel so blessed to have him in our family. I am so glad he came early so we can have extra time with him.
Sometimes he gives us smiles, I think he dreams of his mommy and of course that brings a smile to his face. Last night he looked like Robinhood when he went to bed so we had a photo shoot, he is too cute to pass up (even if it was 1am). He slept though the whole thing and slept until his daddy woke him up at 3am to feed him. What a good baby.


  1. so great, thanks for posting this. i need to see this little guy more. not everyday you get to hang out with an x-man.

  2. He is a doll! I'm so glad all of your dreams are coming true. You deserve it!!

  3. He is so sweet! I like learning about his little personality! Ivan has been quite congested for a while now as well. You can use Saline nose spray/drops on infants. Maybe you are already using them but if not you should go buy some. They work like a charm. Great thing is that the saline doesn't make you dependent on them and you can use them as often as you need/want. Ivan is grateful for them so that he can actually breathe and because if I use the saline I don't usually have to use that dang booger sucker thing.

  4. What a cutie!!! Hurray for you guys!

  5. Such sweet pictures and what a cutie! So HAPPY for you guys!

  6. Yeah! Super cute pictures! One thing about the 'stuffy' that we always do. We stick a thin blanket under the mattress of the bassinet, so it's raised - maybe just an inch or so (simliar to how they prop up the little beds in the hospitals). Seems to help them breathe easier and sleep better! Sounds like you are plugging along; yippee!!!


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