Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last week we had a conversation about our schedule. We calendar weekly and more if needed. We have meeting/activities we can't miss (like girls camp meeting the first Thursday of every month, James' volleyball games every Tuesday night and not to mention our weekly activities with the boys) and things that are a little bit more flexible (like the Temple, we know we want to go the the Temple two times a month, but when we do is flexible and date nights are the same way, they are weekly but we can move them around). At least I feel our calendar is fairly flexible, James on the other hand sometimes feels too structured (Laurie Farmer, mother of 10, is there such a thing?)...Anyway, we had a good LONG talk about this the other day. We are trying to be more lax with our schedule and more spontaneous when we can be.

I had to work late last night and James came with me to take the boys home around 7pm. When I was off we headed out for a night on the town, James suggested a movie but nothing was playing that I wanted to see (I was ruining his fun spontaneity). Before long we were driving into Seattle, away from our home. I decided to not worry, we were low on gas and I still had a Seminary lesson to prepare, but I was chill and let James be in charge of having no plans. Yes, I know I am weird. We ended up at Safeco Field and there was a Mariner's game going on. James suggested we go, he says that I didn't want to, but we went anyway. We bought $10 tickets outside the field and even got given amazing tickets by the lady taking tickets. We had great seats, the M's won, the weather was great and had ZERO traffic (and found a free parking spot close to the game!). It was such a wonderful, spontaneous FHE. I love my husband and I appreciate his great attitude and his help in calming me down :)


  1. LOL we were at the game too! Great FHE.

  2. Yay, go Jamesie! I love watching you guys mold each other into the perfect match. What a wonderful thing to be undersood and listened to - and to understand and listen. You guys are so cute!

  3. I must say that Alicia is the queen of planning and in a good flexible way. I feel like our life is under control and headed where we want it to go. there's just this part of me that wants to throw all the plans to the birds and go to europe on a whim. Feeding that monster little bits of un-planned fun helps keep me toned down to a moderately predictable person. Even if I still have a devilish grin sometimes. Thanks for playing along, Baby.

  4. Farrar,
    Proud to know you. I need to try to do this more. I think that BJ would appreciate it. Hey, my neighbor has this blog--you are like her twin, so I thought I'd share! She is amazing, just like you. http://www.jamiecooksitup.blogspot.com/

  5. I miss those Mariner games. How fun! Way to go with it. I like my life to be planned but I love a good surprise too.

    Somehow I missed the post about moving to a new blog so I am now just seeing your wonderful new blog. Your family is beautiful.


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